Structural and body repairs

Homebush Panel Beaters provides the Latest Technology in Chassis and Sub-Frame Alignment

Homebush Panel Beaters has been a leader in this industry for over thirty years providing outstanding quality repairs, restoring vehicles to their pre-accident condition and protecting resale values. We are totally committed to achieving the highest standards in car repairs with a minimum of disruption to our clients.

Perhaps the most critical stage of car repair is the body alignment. For this reason we use the latest Auto Robot XLS II+ Body Alignment System.

By using the manufacturer’s specifications for each vehicle we can simultaneously correct body damage and control realignment by accurate measurement of critical dimensions.

The welding of the new components is done by the use of the latest Pro Spot I4 inverter spot welder and silicone bronze inverter welder. These two machines are used on many production lines as the manufacturer’s standard.

The car is then reassembled on the alignment system, thereby ensuring restoration is completed to the original manufacturer's specifications and tolerances.


Correct Chassis Alignment Ensures

  • Safety
  • Protection of Resale value
  • Precise Road Handling

Homebush Panel Beaters Paint System

  • Expert Colour Matching
  • Rock Hard Mirror Finish
  • Lifetime-Of-Ownership Warranty On Paintwork

To finish off the repair we use the PPG Automotive refinish technology. PPG has been writing painting history for over 100 years and is endorsed by vehicle manufacturer’s throughout the world.

No other paint product comes close to the quality and finish achieved using PPG paint products. PPG products have been rigorously tested to ensure that they can withstand the harsh Australian conditions

PPG provides extensive support and training in the use of their products and our technicians are continually kept up to date with the latest in paint technology, making them some of the best qualified in Australia. Our repair facility and our technicians are endorsed by PPG and we offer a lifetime warranty on all paint work, which is backed by the leading paint company in the world.

To compliment the PPG refinish, vehicles are sprayed in a completely controlled dust free environment and we are thereby able to expertly duplicate the original finish.



All Work Fully Guaranteed Industry Standards and Performance

To maintain repair standards, we are constantly observing overseas trends into better techniques of repair and equipment. Our technicians regularly attend training courses to ensure they are familiar with the latest practises in the industry.

With a team of highly trained technicians, Homebush Panel Beaters is totally dedicated to achieving the highest standards in prestige auto repairs with a minimum of disruption to our clients. As proof of this, we fully guarantee all work, whether it be a bumper bar replacement or a complete restoration, with a lifetime of ownership guarantee.

To stay as an industry leader we are members of Collision Repair Specialists of Australia CRSA, and i-Car which are associations dedicated to assuring the highest standards of collision repairs worldwide.

It is for the abovementioned reasons that we are repairers for some of Australia’s largest companies including:

Energy Australia EDI Downer
Railcorp Energiser
Harris Farm Markets Triple M Mechanical & Fire
Recommended Repairer For:
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